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Hakkında Westcon

Westcon is a business unit Neteks Turkey, Avaya, HP Networking, Juniper, Check Point, HCS, Corning, Panduit, such as advanced technology solutions and a leading distributor of Günko. Westcon'un only in Turkey but also throughout the world (North America, across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific region and the Far East) has sales offices in carrying out services.

Westcon, needed to make our customers profitable and competitive services, support programs, provide training and tools. Westcon işbiriminde product experts in the needed solutions to the world's best brands and technologies, from end to end to form.

Westcon'un comprehensive technical information, vendors, one from each stage of the sales process, as many domestic and multinational projects, consulting, design, implementation and support expertise and experience, including sağlar.Westcon 's technology-focused training and expertise with the best trainers and a unique learning experience to get the media.

Our experience has shown us the key to success is to focus on. Westcon'un growth and success of its unique approach to a large extent depends on the distribution network.Convergence, Security, Network Management, Mobility and Wireless Network solutions to our investment specialists dedicated to the product, service, flexible options, focus on maintenance and repair, as well as a great success.

Westcon company dedicated to customer representatives, provide the convenience of single point of contact for your business needs. Our aim is to provide our customers with guaranteed service level is to contribute to your business thrive and grow. Westcon, local, national or global basis will be a preferred partner for your networking needs.

Soon we will open the use of channel partners in recording programs, security and convergence to take advantage of opportunities, high growth tend to advanced technology markets of the tools you need support and guidance can be obtained.


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