Introducing HP Networking

"The new HP networking organization represents a major force in enterprise networking, and completely changes the market landscape and competitive dynamics. When you combine the respective shares of the HP, 3Com and H3C brands from 4Q09, you see a dramatically different market than we have experienced for many years." - source Gartner

HP is changing the rules of networking with a full portfolio of high-performance, standards-based products, solutions, and services.

These secure, energy efficient and cost-saving offerings are developed to simplify networking, from the largest enterprise to the smallest emerging business.

Full integration with HP's Converged Infrastructure and interoperability with other networking and computing technology enable you to sell superior solutions into existing networks.  Combined with support from HP and partner service capabilities, HP have the solution to the networking requirements of any business.

Choosing the right product for your customer

The HP product family can be broken down in to 4 distinct groups:

HP Networking new series breakdown
SMB's Mid-Market Large Enterprise


A-Series: Advanced products

Typical User – Large Enterprise
For customers with large or complex deployments seeking advanced technology to drive competitive advantage through their IT infrastructure at a lower cost of ownership. The A-Series is built on robust networking products from the H3C division of 3Com.

Key features:

  • Mission-critical design
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Single-pane-of-glass management
  • Highly scalable
  • Leading power management
  • Single operating system core to edge

A-Series: Advanced products hakkında daha fazla

E-Series: Essential products

Typical User – Mid Sized Companies
For customers seeking essential and proven technology to reach their business goals with future proof, easy-to-use, affordable, secure and reliable networking. The E-Series combines industry-leading switching and routing products from ProCurve and 3Com.

Key features:

  • Deployment simplicity
  • Ease of use
  • Industry-leading TCO
  • Single-pane-of-glass management
  • Lifetime warranty (for as long as you own the product, on most products)

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V-Series: Value products


Typical User – Small to Medium sized organisations
For value-conscious customers in small office environments seeking reliable and easy-to-use connectivity solutions. The V-Series combines networking solutions from ProCurve and 3Com that set the bar in these environments.

Key features:

  • Variety of offerings to meet a customer’s specific needs at the right price
  • Quick setup
  • Easy ongoing administration
  • HP quality backed by HP’s global support organisation

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S-Series: Security products

Typical User – Mid to Large organisations
Security for customers that require dynamic, intelligent and immediate protection by proactively stopping network threats while ensuring business continuity. The S-Series is built on strong security solutions from TippingPoint. (Note – interoperable with the A and E series)

Key features:

  • Full suite of best-in-class network security products
  • Designed for demanding enterprise and data center environments
  • Backed by industry-leading research (DVLabs)

S-Series: Security products hakkında daha fazla


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