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HP Networking Configurator

The HP ProCurve Online Configurator contains the most current product and pricing information. The online configurator streamlines the ability to select and configure our products and to create quotes for you and your customers.

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HP Networking Design Kit

The HP Networking Design Center is a service that can help you to design or redesign your network. It generates full design drawings, a parts list, detailed explanations and advice based on each customer's own particular site structure, topology, wiring, building locations, current and anticipated traffic levels, security needs, budget constraints and legacy equipment interfaces required. 

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Partner Programme Information

HP have designed a Partner Program that brings you the tools, support, products, solutions, and programs you'll need to become a leader in the networking space.

The Partner Program has four different partner tracks, each designed to fit your unique business model and to capitalize on your individual strengths.

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3Com Product Code Converter

During the migration to HP’s systems, support information for your HP Networking product may be found in its pre-acquisition system, referencing the original product name and number. Use this tool to find your product names and identify links to some of the key support areas.

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